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StawiHR- Human Resource redefined!

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Are you tired of the hassle of managing your company’s human resources manually? Does the thought of managing employee attendance, leaves, payroll, and performance reviews give you a headache? We have a solution for you – StawiHR

StawiHR is a human resource management software that simplifies your HR processes. With biometric attendance, you can track your employees’ attendance accurately and eliminate time theft. Leave management is made easier with an online portal where employees can apply for leave and managers can approve or reject the requests

The employee portal allows your employees to access their personal information, check their attendance records, and apply for leave from anywhere. StawiHR also offers payroll management, which calculates employee salaries, taxes, and deductions automatically

Performance management is another feature that makes StawiHR stand out. You can set performance metrics and goals for your employees and track their progress. The software generates reports that help you evaluate your employees’ performance and identify areas for improvement

StawiHR is customizable to fit your company’s HR policies and procedures. It is also user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible to all employees

In conclusion, StawiHR is the solution you need to streamline your HR processes. It is a reliable, secure, and efficient way to manage your human resources. Try out StawiHR today and experience human resource management redefined.