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ICT Consultancy


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ICT Consultancy

Our Information technology consulting offering aims at providing insights, analysis, advice and policy and implementation guidelines in matters technology.


Implementing ICT solutions involves research,  massive analysis of case scenarios, and applying those scenarios to a real-life business environment. At Stawitech we assist our clients in making clearly analysed and proven solutions for shaping and improving business operations for profits.

Conultancy areas

Stawitech is a 'working-solutions' company that cares about solutions usability above everything else.

The following are our core areas of competence in ICT consultancy

  • ICT Policies framework development.
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Disaster recovery SOPs
  • Cyber security policies and implementations plans
  • Cost benefit analysis for various solutions options.
  • ICT Project management and implementation.
  • Change management and user adoption process.
  • End user technical training and transition process.
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In need of ICT consultancy?

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