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Digital marketing

All businesses that want to reach customers quickly and cost-effectively require a robust online marketing strategy. We design excellent digital marketing strategies for the kenyan market.

Our Approach to digital marketing

Define your product

The first step is to help you define your product in readiness for online displays. This includes image archiving, video editorializing etc.

Define your target audience

This is useful in determine the platform to be used and information packaging.  We define demographics, Socioeconomic composition, and digital literacy.

Design the marketing plan

We design the online marketing plan based on the target audience and the product/services being sold online.

This also includes the content calendar.

Measure and revise

Once the online marketing plan is in action, we take a close online performance measurements to determine the effectiveness of the approach.

If the results are not satisfactory, revise the approach and launch again until the best online sales are realized.

Are you struggling with online sales?

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