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To be the ultimate provider in secure and market driven technology solutions.

Open possibilities

Stawitech is a registered ICT company with Presence in Kenya and East Africa region.

We specialize in ICT consultancy, Online brand management and marketing, SEO services, website design and development, user support and software development.


Powering Business  growth through secure,  market driven  web and mobile technologies.

e-commerce investment advice

Invest wisely

When designing a business model, it is prudent to incorporate ICT in your daily operations. This helps you save on capital and labor intensive functions by a proper use of technology.

Stawitech offers advise on the proper use of ICT infrastructure.

With technology, growth is inevitable

We believe that technology is a very powerful tool that if harnessed properly will bring about growth sales volumes and thereby profits.


The slogan OPEN POSSIBILITIES" depicts our unwavering belief that there are so many directions your business can grow without ever exhausting technology tools at it's disposal in the 21st century.

How are we different?

Customer centric

We first analyze your business operation environment/procedure before providing the best solution that suits your customers and fulfills your business goals.


Our products and service offering is filtered through various checks and balances to ensure they meet the industry standards.


We carry our extensive research in all business areas of need and provide solutions that work. No guess work and nor mishap.

Our values

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Innovation

Ecommerce investment advice

We also offer eCommerce investment analysis and advise our clients on the best methods of leveraging technology in production, distribution and sale of their products and services.

Lookign for ICT project management?