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StawiHR-Human Resource Management System

Human resource management solution

Why StawiHR solution?

Having a fully integrated human resource management system has many advantages to your organization. 

  1. Single-file, single-cabinet. One of the most frequently mentioned advantages of an HRIS is that you enter information only once for many HR-related employee tasks. And, similarly, you need to update only one place when employee information changes.
  2. Accuracy. Improved accuracy is likely assuming data are entered and managed correctly.
  3. Self service. This feature is a great timesaver for HR. Employees may enter the system to change data (for example, change their own addresses, apply for leaves, ) and managers and supervisors can enter the system to enter data (for example, performance reviews) or to retrieve data without bothering HR.
  4. Automated reminders. Systems can schedule events, such as performance appraisals and benefit deadlines, automatically notifying and nudging if actions have not been performed.
  5. Easy administration. This include enrollment, notices, changes, leave requests and approval and reporting.
  6. Recruiting management. This include vacancy listing, applicant tracking, management, onboarding and reporting.

StawiHR Features

Employee Management

  • Educational qualifications record
  • Professional experience records
  • Personal information database
  • Department management
  • Designation management
  •  Branch management
  • Employee Management
  •  Employee Warning
  •  Termination Process Management
  • Promotion Management
  • Employee Permanence

Leave Management

  • Public holidays Management
  • Weekly holiday Management
  • Leave type entries
  • Earned Leave configuration
  • Manage rollover leaves.
  • Leave application by employees.
  • Leave approval by Supervisor
  • Leave approval by HR
  • Leave Approval by CEO
  • Public holidays management
  • Leave Report per employee.
  • Summary Report per employee.
  • Individual Leave Report.
  • Full organization report.
  • Generate reports in excels and PDF

Attendance Management

  • Manage Work Shifts
  • Daily check-in by employees
  • Manage Daily Attendances
  • Monthly Attendance Report
  • Employee Attendance Report
  • Get Organization Summary Report
  • Manual Attendance Entry Optional
  • Biometric Attendance

Performance Management

  • Performance Category Management.
  • Performance Criteria.
  • Performance Report.
  • Promotion Management.

Recruitment Management

  • Job Posting
  • Job Candidate Selection
  • Interview Scheduling

Employee Onboarding

  • Training Type
  • Training List
  • Training Report

Notice board

  • Post daily notices to all employees
  • Ease internal communication.
  • Saves time with automatic mail notification to all employees

StawiHR Payroll Module Features

  • Taxation Setup
  • Late Payment Configuration
  • Allowance set up and management
  • Deductions setup and management
  • Monthly Pay Grade setup
  • Hourly Pay Grade setup
  • Salary Sheet Generation
  • Salary Sheet Generation
  • Full payroll Report
  • Payment History Per employee
  • Individual Employee Payroll
  • Manage Work Hour
  • Approve Work Hour
  • Manage Employee Bonus
  • Manage Bonus Setting
  • Generate General Bonus

Would you like a modification of the features?

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