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Child safety online

How Safe are your children online?

In the 21st century it is impossible to deny access of technological devices to kids. Technology is useful for both learning and entertainment for the young ones.

How do we create a safe space for kids to do do learn and still entertain themselves using technology without causing them harm?


At Stawitech Solutions, we have a number of products/services Below are some of them.


Stawitech Solutions & Online Safety

home network security setup

Home network setup

This involves working with parents to secure home internet against malicious cyber attacks, and content regulation for safe family use

internet safety for kids

Internet Devices setup

We create safety configuration and family control for devices namely, Laptops, tablets, smart phones, PCs and smart TVs.

This setup helps parents regulate and monitor children's' online habits.

schools cyber safety programms

School programs

We work with primary school and childcare institutions in cultivating responsible behavior in children from a tender age.

Children are exposed to threats around the internet and may end us suffering the unintented consequence of cyber-related abuse. Stawitech is the forefront in creating safe internet access and cyber-space for kids

Looking for class-room safety measures?

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