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Streamline solutions with Microsoft Teams

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Share, collaborate, communicate—fully embrace the upside of teamwork for your organization by leveraging #MicrosoftTeams. Access this infographic and contact Stawitech Solutions Ltd for more information.

Navigate data protection and risk in the cloud era

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Digital transformation in the cloud era has led to an explosion of data, and that means you need evolving ways to protect it. With @Microsoft365, you have new capabilities to safeguard privacy and security for your organization. Read this article to learn more.

Microsoft makes it easier to get started with Windows Virtual Desktops

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Given the increased work-from-home workforce in the past year, organizations are looking for as much IT support as possible. Access this blog to learn about Microsoft #WindowsVirtualDesktop—especially with regards to updates that make getting started significantly easier for admins. Contact Stawitech Solutions Ltd for more information.

All You Need to Know About Windows Virtual Desktop

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In this work-from-home environment, we’ve learned that the right tools are crucial in order to deliver a great virtual desktop experience. Register for this webcast to get an inside look at #WindowsVirtualDesktop and how to use it in your organization.

Security Fortify infographic

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Unmatched volumes of data inform #Microsoft security solutions. Learn how you can harness decades of security experience with Microsoft #AdvancedThreatProtection.

Hybrid Environments

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Keep your hybrid work environment protected, and your sensitive data safe with #Microsoft security. Subscribe now and contact Stawitech Solutions Ltd to learn more.

Why choose Windows Virtual Desktop?

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Did you know that with #WindowsVirtualDesktop, you can connect from any device of your choice—Windows, MacOS/iOS, HTML5, Android, and Linux? Besides platform choice, there are other reasons to choose #WVD! Access this infographic to learn what they are.

Leveraging Your Microsoft Assets in this Remote Access World

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Across industries, organizations of all sizes are shifting to remote work. Time to evaluate. Are you leveraging the #Microsoft assets you may already have in place for the #remote access solutions you need? Read this article from #NationalLawReview, then let Stawitech Solutions Ltd help you make the most of your Microsoft assets.

Supporting our customers during COVID-19

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Understandably, IT is being stretched due to the pandemic. By understanding the stressors, the solutions might be easier to address. Access this whitepaper to learn more about both.

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